Thursday, April 09, 2009

He's ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

Another funny thing that came out of the Hawks game last night happened while prepping the group for our initial meeting. In the email to the group, I told TZ that Aussie Rick would be the drunk Australian if TZ got there before us. I told Rick that TZ would be the drunk Irishman if Rick got there before we did. Sounds relatively innocent enough. Unfortunately TZ is not Irish. In fact, his last name ends in -ski and is very Polish. In my mind however, he's southside Irish. Why? I really don't know. I just think of him that way....he's pale like the Irish, drinks like the Irish and used to have a reddish/blondish tint to his hair. Alas, he is not one of us!

Manual Labor Mike is back in the house. Yes, it's true. As I've mention, MLM does great, very detailed work. No doubt about it. And he's reasonably priced. The cost of hiring him though is that he's on his own schedule and you never know when he'll show up (though usually he does call in the morning) and that he works a bit slow.

This project is taking out the small threshhold and putting in a larger one to block the water that could back up from the drain outside the door. Obviously keeping the drain clear of debris is key, but this is for big time rainfall. With a new threshhold, a screen door and a new wood door, then I'll finally be able to put down new carpeting in the basement.

So this means I need to buy: a screen door (or heavy metal security door), a new external wood door, a new internal door (to replace the last of the old doors) and new carpeting. It's going to be an expensive Spring!

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