Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breaking it down

So many topics are bubbling around my cranium, it's hard to pick what to write about. Some of them are timely though, so I'll start with those.

First, my shoulder finally feels awesome! The cortisone shot on Friday really worked wonders. I'm wondering if I could mix it into an energy drink and really have a helpful cocktail for softball players and athletes?? Tuesday is the real test when I start actually throwing, but it felt great on Friday night already.

Next up, Saturday was frequent poster dejesus freak's birthday! Not sure how old DJF is, but I know he's old. :-) I think he's a year younger than me....maybe two. GF and I took him out for a few cocktails at a bar by me called Rocks. It opened up where a nice Jewish deli used to be. This was my first time inside and it was decent. Good food for a bar, a little loud and televisions were a little small from where we were sitting. Could go back though.

Saturday was also a HUGE sports day in Chicago. The Bulls and Blackhawks are both in the playoffs. Bulls won their game first (in Boston!) which started around 11:30 or noon. The Cubs game started about 5 minutes after the Bulls game ended and they beat the Cardinals with a walkoff homerun in extra innings. The Sox were on next after a little break and they won as well! The Blackhawks capped off the day with a great victory in game two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. A four bagger for Chicago!!!

Many other topics on the way later.

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el supremo de nm said...

Hope the corizone thing works over the long haul or at least long enough to get you through your season!

Yea sports stars on drugs...expect you to be testifying before the Chicago City Council :)