Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pictures from the past week or so

My weekend readership is greatly reduced; I'm guessing because you all have families and things to do!

However, I still like to write and had some interesting pictures to post from the last week.

This picture is from our seats at Rent. We were in row T on the main floor and have a pretty good view. For future reference, if you're at the Ford Theater, you could have seats even further back from row T and still see well.

This picture is from the Black Hawks and Vancouver Canucks game. Aussie Rick is the first guy and is sporting a Canucks' jersey. Bastard. Smitty is next to him, Smitty's friend is next, then Ricardo and Bill the Bear.

One of the few potential bright spots was this penalty shot by Patrick Sharp. A penalty shot is where a player is awarded a one on one attempt against the goalie due to the player being fouled during a break away. Unfortunately he was stopped and the Hawks were shut out.

As I drove down Addison the other day, I noticed this new construction outside of Wrigley. Apparently they are putting in some kind of eatery and/or entrance. Notice the tree positions relative to the new structure.

Here's a picture from my July blog entry where I show the location of my brick.

My brick is right in between the trees!! That's where the structure is going up!! I haven't been notified by the Cubs that they are moving my brick, but it better not be damaged or I'll be pissed!!


el supremo de nm said...

Brick breakage by money grubbing Cubs...unthinkable.

alexis said...

fear the wrath of pissed off Joe, Cubs!