Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost and Found

As I mentioned the other day, Saturday was dejesus freak's birthday. The GF and I took him out for a few drinks while we watched the first two periods of the Hawks/Flames game. PRIOR to going out however, he said he had something for ME. A few weeks late for my birthday, but that's when he wanted to give it to me. The gift? Well read this entry first, or at least scan it. Here's a picture of what he gave me:

Car keys? Did he buy me a car? What the hell is he doing buying me a car?? Ohhhhhh, wait. He found the keys!! The keys from the Keys!! Turns out they were in his luggage. Mind you, I searched MY luggage pretty damn thoroughly. He said he opened his luggage when he got home and they just flopped out. Dammit!!! Some wasted coin and effort, despite the story value.

Another found item is pictured below. I found two of these while cleaning up and consolidating some tailgating bags. At first I didn't know what they were because I certainly didn't buy them, but these things are awesome!! They are plastic and flexible.

That's right, a pocket shot of vodka. Turns out, the Pocket Shot company makes all sorts of booze available this way, but their distribution is extremely limited. There's only one place in the Chicagoland area that sells them and that's out in the burbs somewhere. They would be perfect for taking INTO a sporting event. You could buy a Coke and then have rum and Coke's all afternoon, just like we did down at U. of I. for the football games where we always had a woman sneak a boda (those bladders you can fill with liquid) into the game under her shirt. They never patted down the women. These pocket shots are awesome though!!


alexis said...

holy crap, forget sporting games - those are perfect for flights! Especially now that booze is 7 bucks a pop.

stef said...

I suspect that college students everywhere are going to agree with you.

terri said...

Perfect for holiday gatherings at the in-laws'!