Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A day at Comiskey

Lots going on today, but the good news for you!!! After spending the morning working on insurance issues for a client, I headed out to Comiskey Park, where the Sox play, to take in an afternoon game in a skybox with a client. On a chilly April day, it's a great way to watch a game, though I might have preferred to have the windows closed or partially closed at least. However, if I stayed back in the room, it didn't get too cold. I did keep my jacket on though. Maybe I wasn't fully recovered from the night of softball.

The Illinois Sports Facilities Authority is a not for profit organization that owns Comiskey. And we were in their box!! There's the view as well. Pretty sweet. Several foul balls fell just short of our window, one went into the box next to us and the box next to them and two hit windows on a closed box two boxes the other direction.

Random pics from inside the skybox. It comes with 22 tickets. Our host, TZ, is in the picture on the right along with a co-worker of his and a woman named Hela. Kelly is in the background. Not sure how old Hela and Kelly are, but they were going to the Brittany Spears concert tonight as well. No shit. I'm not kidding.

Hela and the dessert cart. I do love the dessert cart. I opted for the carrot cake and ice cream option. Now they have a guy who comes around with a cappuccino maker as well. Nice.

I also had my share of the Italian beef and sausage as well as kraut and brats. Good stuff.

When I finally did get home, I decided to hop in the jacuzzi tub and get my core temperature back up, which worked wonders! GF was cooking dinner, a curry dish, so I wrapped up the evening at her place. A good dinner!

All in all, a pretty nice day!! Tomorrow: the work of MLM.

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stef said...

That is a great view! My company had an outing in one of those skyboxes before. It is nice, but I felt sort of separated from the proceedings. Almost like I was watching it on TV.