Monday, April 13, 2009

Paging: Dr. Howard, Dr. Sutton, Dr. Howard.

Last Thanksgiving, during a flag football game on the far southside of Chicago, I threw a pass and on the follow through, hit my index finger on some dude's noggin. At the time, it didn't hurt, but it's been aggravating ever since. It stiffens at night and I have to loosen it up during the day so that I have full range of motion. That part of the story is more recently though (last 3 months). Initially, I couldn't open doors or sugar packets without it really being painful, if I could do those acts at all. Though I went to a doctor, he couldn't find anything in particular wrong with the finger. Even an X-ray found no damage.

So I've been thinking, if it stiffens up at night and then hurts as I make it mobile in the morning, what if I slept with it stretched out (in this case clenched in a fist)? Since I was going to PT anyway, I asked the therapists there what they thought about it. "Probably not a good idea." Others asked had a similar response. Undaunted, I taped it last night in a way that kept the index finger bent(and should have taken a picture as it was quite elaborate). This morning there was no stiffness!! I'm hopeful that if I do this for a week or so, maybe it will be healed. We'll see.


alexis said...

ugh - maybe to do with the wax and wan of the moon?

el supremo de nm said...

I don't care if it works, I'm not making you my primary care provider :)