Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday = Fun Day

Today I slept in after a long softball practice last night (3+ hours) and was only able to "work" for a few hours before heading to the Cubs game with a banker and lawyer (both potential referral sources). The game was much fun and our seats were in the sun, which worked out well as it wasn't 75+ as promised by weather forecasters and instead it was closer to 60ish, especially in the shade. But it was nice in the sun.

After the game, I picked up GF for dinner (Thai) and then headed to Zanies Comedy Club. Sausage King Andy was there with a mess of his friends, some of whom I know, as part of an MS fundraiser. Good fun!! The headliner was John Diresta.

Big softball tournament in Joliet on Saturday. That's GF's hometown...sort of. She's from Shorewood but went to school at Joliet West, which is where we're having batting practice before the games.

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stef said...

Hmmmm. Sounds like a lot of time with the GF! Any chance she is going to go public? (blog-wise)