Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where did all the hot water go??

Shorter post today as I'm pretty beat. This afternoon I went to the dentist (it's been a year!) and everything went just fine and that's not why I'm tired. Then I was able to see my folks and chat with them for an hour or so which was nice and also not why I'm tired. Then I headed to play softball in 20 mph winds and 40 degree temperatures. Ahhh, yes, that's why I'm tired. Ugh.

There was a good chance that the games were going to get rained out (for the fourth week in a row), but no, we played. Sort of. No one's heart was really in it as most of our energy was just spent staying warm. I was sooooo looking forward to hopping in my jacuzzi tub when I got home, but woe is me as there wasn't any hot water!! Not sure why as both water heaters were pumping away, but the water in my tub was only luke warm. Crap.

So Arlen Specter is switching from the Republican party to the Democrat party. Combined with the likely appointment of Al Franken as a Minnesota senator, Obama will have 60 votes and can overcome a filibuster staged by Republicans. Specter, after 29 years in office, was likely going to lose his senatorial seat in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania next year. However, by switching to the Democrat party, he will almost assuredly get the Democrat nomination and will at least be in the running to retain his seat by having all of Pennsylvania involved in the election as opposed to just Republicans. Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in the Presidential election for the last four elections and went back and forth since Eisenhower. It was a case of self preservation, no doubt, but I think a pretty smart move on his part.


stef said...

It seemed like he really didn't have a choice if he wanted to self-preserve. And I thought I heard Harry Reid say Spector was coming BACK to the party? So maybe he was a democrat at one point?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yep, he was once a Democrat though I'm not sure if he was an elected official while he was one.

el supremo de nm said...

I love a blatantly self-serving politician.

Another move to speed up the total conversion to socialism. Read up on your Karl Marx if you want to stay ahead of the game.

No hot water - very, very frustrating.