Thursday, April 30, 2009

Progress on a few fronts

As promised, I have pictures of MLM's latest work. This work is key to the whole preventing a flood and finishing the basement again concept. So on to the pictures:

Maybe you can see this screen/security door if you click on the picture. It's 2" steel, so it's a nice door and pretty secure. There was nothing there previously, just the door to the basement.

You can see how worn the wood door is from being exposed to the weather. I'll be replacing this door next before I put down carpeting. The cement step here is several inches high and was put in by MLM. It runs stone wall to stone wall. No water is getting by that bad boy. See the proximity of the drain? That's the problem.

A rare occurrence tonight, Naperville Greg was actually free to go out!!! And go out we did. One of my favorite spots, Jack's, is just a half block from my church so I can park in the church lot and walk to the bar from there. Good stuff. Yes, I do drive home after drinking from there, but it's not far and I don't get intoxicated, so don't worry.

Chris, the manager, and Keri, our barkeep for the night. Keri and Greg really got into some political arguments and I was hoping it wouldn't impact my ability to go back. She bought us a round and then Chris bought us a round as well, so I guess I'm still welcome. In fact, Chris and I are going to talk about them possibly sponsoring our softball team!!!

It was great fun hanging out with Naperville Greg tonight. Kleveland Kim was out of town, so he was free and seized the opportunity. I had my core class tonight since I couldn't go yesterday. Plus I hit the eliptical and lifted, another 1 1/2 hour workout for me. After picking up Greg at the train stop, we watched the Bulls thrilling triple OT win against the Celtics and the Blackhawks come back from 3-0 to tie the game 3-3 and then give up a goal with less than 2 minutes left. Ugh. Highs and lows.

One thing also worth mentioning that we discussed was good friends. How many acquaintences do we have versus really good friends? Who could you unequivocally call at any hour of the night and know that person would spare no expense to help you out? We both agreed that the number of those people for each of us is not as high as we would like, but we also agreed that we both qualify for each other. And that's why it's good to go have a drink with your friends periodically.


terri said...

I have a handful of those friends that I could call at any hour of the night for help. That kind of friend is a rare find.

Sounds like you had a fun evening!

alexis said...

friendships like those are definitely rare these days.

CMU Katie - or whatever my moniker is said...

I don't think these types of friendships are as rare as you think. For whatever reason, I think we're just afraid to ask for a little help from time to time. You'll never know unless you ask. And on that note, you are always welcome to call me in case of emergency. Note that I said - emergency, not late night slurpee run. Ha!!

stef said...

That is interesting that you were talking about the friends thing. On NPR yesterday someone was on talking about an (unofficial) poll that was done on that topic. The average "true" friends that a person has according to the poll was 3.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That's a fascinating stat Stef. I might be doing better than average then!!!

CMU, a late night slurpee run IS an emergency.....under certain circumstances at least. :-)

el supremo de nm said...

I would agree that true friends are very few.

Good, A NEW MLM project. That should keep you in frustration for a year or so.