Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Second straight Curling reference

It looks to be a long day of work on this Halloween, but such is life. The temperature dropped 25 degrees or so from yesterday, so get those tissues ready Chicago!

Not sure if you watched Monday Night Football last night, but if you did, you were treated to a 20 second spot on Curling which is popular in Minnesota and where the game was being played last night. What a coincidence!

Since I have nothing insightful to say today and I really have to get to work, I wanted to mention just one other thing I saw on tv last night (besides the show How I met your mother, which continues to be just freakin' awesome). On Leno, which I never watch but happened to be flipping, they had David Eckstein, the MVP of the World Series. David is probably most famous for, while in college, being elected onto the All-Jewish baseball team created by some group. Only problem is, Davey-boy isn't a Jew. Too funny. So for being the MVP, he wins a Corvette, which, I believe, is produced by Chevy/GM. Unfortunately, it's a manual transmission and Dave, like the author of this blog, has no idea how to operate a stick (mind you the other guest is Tim Allen, the car enthusiast). As if that's not bad enough, it turns out Eckstein has NEVER owned a new car in his life. So he goes through what he's owned: the family Nissan, his sister's Nissan, his brother's Toyota and finally his mom's Honda. Nice. GM just gives you a car and you plug all of their competition as well as tell the country, "Hey, I'm rich but I don't need a new car. They're a waste of money." I love it!!! A man after my own heart.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Day one in the blog world, better late than never!

Hello all,

A buddy of mine wrote me today (T-Rex Tim) and said my world was like a soap opera that he is unable to Tivo. Being a huge, huge fan of Tivo (and of my life.....most of the time), I thought what better time to start a blog? Do I have enough interesting things to say to start a blog? Maybe. Am I interested in communicating with friends and family? Absolutely. Well then why not have a blog? Done.

A little about me and this blog. First and foremost, I'm a sports fan. Bears season ticket holder, Cubs fan, Sox fan (yes both teams, people who can't be fans of both are myopic idiots), Blackhawks, Tigers, Steelers, Illini, Wolverines, the freaking U.S. Curling team, you name it I love it.....except the NBA which is really just a nightly mugging on nice wood floors.

Frequency: I'll write as often as I can/feel like it. It's not going to be a chain around my neck, but I genuinely enjoy writing and I bother enough other people in their blogs that I should be fairly adept at it. Some days I might post several times, depending on my schedule and other days not at all. As winter is approaching and I live in Chicago, there will be more time to post now than even a month ago. Unfortunately I don't get up at the crack of dawn, so my updates will mostly be done by lunch. For those that like to check this kind of thing out with their coffee while getting ready to start the day at work, you'll probably just be a day behind. Pretend I'm in Europe.

Now I have to figure out how to let people know about this.....