Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Early morning, late night

The alarm went off at 6 a.m. this morning (boo-hoo right?) as I had a meeting at 7 at my church. It was pretty early after a late night and I don't do well on limited sleep. That said, it was a busy, busy work day.

Fortunately, my softball was canceled for the second week in a row. Even if it wasn't canceled, I wasn't going to go out there in this awful weather for just a league game. That would be stupid.

So with the evening freed up, I hit the gym for a decent workout and then came home to finish my taxes. Normally, though somewhat complicated, my tax documents are fairly well organized and I use TurboTax to file. Most of the work was done already, but I had to figure out why 2007 and 2008 were very different on the taxes due level, but similar on the top line. I figured it out though, no worries.

The NFL released the 2009 schedule for all the teams today! Here is the Bears schedule:

1Sun, Sep 13at Green Bay 8:20 PM
2Sun, Sep 20Pittsburgh 4:15 PM
3Sun, Sep 27at Seattle 4:05 PM
4Sun, Oct 4Detroit 1:00 PM
6Sun, Oct 18at Atlanta 8:20 PM
7Sun, Oct 25at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
8Sun, Nov 1Cleveland 1:00 PM
9Sun, Nov 8Arizona 1:00 PM
10Thu, Nov 12at San Francisco 8:20 PM
11Sun, Nov 22Philadelphia 8:20 PM
12Sun, Nov 29at Minnesota 1:00 PM
13Sun, Dec 6St. Louis 1:00 PM
14Sun, Dec 13Green Bay 1:00 PM
15Sun, Dec 20at Baltimore 1:00 PM
16Mon, Dec 28Minnesota 8:30 PM
17Sun, Jan 3at Detroit 1:00 PM

At first take, I'm thinking it will play out like this:
GB Loss (on the road, prime time, Aaron Rodgers in year 2 for GB and game one for Cutler)
Pitt Loss
Seattle Win
Detroit Win
Atlanta Loss (on the road against a team that beat us last year in Atlanta even though Orton threw for 286 yards)
Cincy Win
Cleveland Win
Arizona tough game, it's here, early November, probably a loss, could be a win.
Frisco Win
Philly Win (tough team but it's here and Philly plays at San Diego the week before.)
Minnesota Loss (at Minnesota)
St Louis Win
GB Win (playing here this time with a more experienced Cutler, plus GB plays Baltimore the week before and Pittsburgh the week after. Ouch!)
Baltimore (tough game, probably a loss, they have Detroit before us and Pittsburgh after.)
Minnesota Win (I think a split with Minnesota is reasonable, plus we're between Carolina and the Giants on their schedule.)
Detroit Win (Benny Baseball, we might not be able to hit that game this year!!! New Year's weekend in Detroit....ummmm, no.)

So that puts us at 10-6 if the close games are losses. Another season on the cusp of the playoffs!!!


alexis said...

oh man, I reeeeeally need to do my taxes...

deJesusFreak said...

Looks like a relatively easy schedule -- even I predict 9-7. I'm with you on all predictions except Philly (I predict a loss).

I don't remember the last time our predictions matched up so well. ;-)

stef said...

I just mailed my taxes in yesterday too. The first time we had done them ourselves in a loooooooong time!

tim said...

I seen the Bills schedule last night, hopefully we can cruise out to Miami in early October and see the Bills play!!
BTW- were going 16-0!!!!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

C'mon Tim!! New England (2x), Saints, at Carolina, at Jacksonville, at Atlanta and then Indy (maybe they won't start Peyton the last game). That's 5-6 losses without the odd loss. Not to mention, isn't your RB suspended for three games??

el supremo de nm said...


Now I can tune out and ignore it.

(except when you force me to listen to talk radio)