Sunday, April 05, 2009

Holy Week is upon us

Happy birthday to my sister Lori!! Not sure if she can remember the last white birthday she had....but it snowed again here today. Unbelievable.

Congratulations to Joisey Ken and his wife Dawn, who have finally named their little girl!! They named her Stella Vicki. Stella is not a family name, but Vicki is Dawn's mother's name. Since it was a cesarean, they stayed in the hospital a few days. Yes, THEY. Ken stayed there as well.

Today is Palm Sunday, which is slowly being also called Passion Sunday as the Catholic church has decided to read the Passion gospel accounts usually reserved for Good Friday on the Sunday prior to Easter. John's account of the Passion is still read on Good Friday, but the other gospel versions are rotated on Palm Sunday.

This week offers all sorts of good television too. Of course, "good" is in the eye of the beholder. I like the National Geographic and History Channel shows on "The Real Jesus" and documentaries on the period as well as anything to do with the Knights Templar. My DVR is warmed up ready for recording!!

Monday I have PT at 8:30 and then I'm off to the body shop for my car. I'll get a rental for three or four days while they are working on the side panels (and possibly bumper). I'm going to miss my remote starter during this cold spell!! The Sox have postponed their home opener already due to the snow. It always makes me wonder why money wins out over common sense when it comes to starting and ending the baseball season. Starting May 1 and ending September 30 seems like a much more logical idea.


stef said...

This snow is ridiculous. Where is the warmth???

el supremo de nm said...

Our weather has been very erratic as well. Joe, if anyone would appreciate the profit motive, I would think you would :)

DogBrian said...

What snow? I think they are just weather wimps!

alexis said...

I can sympathize, tho it is a wee bit warmer here it sure ain't warm.