Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Guns

Today was a watershed day for my shoulder rehab. After six plus weeks of physical therapy with a small lessening of pain, it was time to bring in the big guns. I headed down to see my doc at University of Chicago. His office is the main doctor for the Chicago Blackhawks, though his junior partner handles more of the day to day needs of the Hawks players.

After an examination by my doc's latest lackey, I was examined by the doctor. We chatted about the injury, the Blackhawks and treatment options. We decided on a cortisone shot today as opposed to more PT or scheduling an MRI. The doc froze the shoulder with a spray after swabbing it down with iodine. The shot was painless! We'll see how the shot works out, but at a minimum it will help determine if there's possibly a laceration in the labrum. If the shot doesn't work, then we move to the MRI stage.

Here's hoping the shot works!! No activity in it for 48 hours (no throwing or lifting), so later on Sunday I might do a small workout and then Tuesday evening I have softball which is the real test before my tournament in a week.

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Chris said...

Hi Joe,

I feel your pain - had extensive shoulder surgery to repair a badly separated shoulder resulting from a skiing collision.

I hope the MRI shows no extensive damage - but good surgeons can do wonders.

Best of luck,

Chris Melton