Friday, April 24, 2009

Some thoughts for the weekend

Softball tournament this weekend down in Joliet! I'll probably write a summary on Sunday.

Here are two pictures I took from my seat at Wrigley on Thursday.

Look at that pretty blue sky. Deceiving.

We had a good view and had seats pointed towards home. Much better for viewing the game.

Of course, after the game, I HAD to go find my brick. Had I not been running late, I would have looked before the game. As it turns out, it's very near where it was before, just outside of Captain Morgan's. To make room, they took out all of the excess bricks and put only inscribed bricks in each section. Doesn't look as nice, but the brick is still there.

As I was looking down trying to find the brick, these two guys at Captain Morgan's were sitting near me and probably thought I was drunk (being after they game, they weren't THAT wrong). But I found the brick!!

So my thought for the weekend is this: did we learn any lesson from the Susan Boyle events? She is the relatively homely woman who can sing like nobody's business. A Chicago reporter wrote in her column, what if she couldn't sing? The reporter wrote,"In other words, without what we define as talent, Susan Boyle would be an object of mockery and pity." And she follows with, "The message? Almost everything about her is abnormal and unattractive, but let's overlook it because she can sing." Really, take a minute to read the article. I felt happy for Susan, but felt bad for me because I do judge people unjustly and I really shouldn't. Sigh.........

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el supremo de nm said...

Joe questioning his judgmental nature????

Maybe I should be reading the Bible again and double check exactly what are the signs of second coming.