Monday, April 20, 2009

"Ape-shit" averted

My regular readers know that I have a legacy brick outside of Wrigley Field, as do thousands of other people. The brick as a fund raiser is a cool idea and I have one at Comiskey as well and bought one from my church, though my church MADE bricks out of their old marble front steps after they were replaced and that's what I bought.

Here's a picture of my baby brick.

And here's the location from out by the street before the new construction.

I wrote about my concern when I saw the Captain Morgan bar/grill being built right near my brick! Did they damage it? Am I going to have to order something to eat or drink to see it? Will I even be able to see it when the bar/grill isn't open? Is it still there at all?

To answer my questions, I headed over to Wrigley on Saturday with the GF to see what the story was. Well, here's what I saw:

From further back, this is where my brick should have been. See the tree on the right? My brick should have been between that tree and another one left of the new building. It's gone!! Along with hundreds of others.

It should have been pretty close to that post. Captain Morgan seems to be a staple at the restaurant by they way. Some women dressed as pirates seem to be hanging around as well.

So I asked the bouncer what happened to the bricks and he said, "They're over by the Banks statue."
Really? Where specifically?
"By the Banks statue."
Can you say anything else or are you as stupid as you sound and look?

Over to the statue (around the corner on Clark Street) I went. Thousands of bricks. No way you could possibly find yours unless you spent hours at a minimum.

I was seething!!! They have all of the sections named after players, I was in the Ron Santo section for instance, so you could find your brick relatively easily if you knew what section in which to look. But there's no way to search five or six sections and hope to find yours. As GF said, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Or a specific needle in a needle stack!!!

The more I thought about it, the more pissed I got. Someone was going to suffer my wrath and it was not going to be pretty. An insufficient response and I would go ape-shit on someone before going to the media (our papers have sections for things like this and anything regarding Wrigley would get a camera crew).

The Cubs have my name, what the brick says, and where my brick was located. That's all in a database somewhere because they sent me a letter stating all of that information. They did a mail merge to create the letter I'm sure, so the file exists. So now it's just them being lazy and inconsiderate!! Now I'm really pissed!!! Hell, maybe they decided not to go through the effort of relocating the bricks and just pitched them. If you can't find it, then you'd probably just think it's your fault. Not me though.

Fortunately for the Cubs, I've been busy with work and spending QT with the GF, but the first letter was already drafted in my head and ready to be put down on paper later this week. Then today, in the mail, I got this letter:

We're 12-13 games and more than two weeks into the season, and I just got this letter today. Seriously? You wouldn't want this sent out BEFORE the thousands of people whose bricks you moved showed up?

Well at least they sent it out, as they should. Note that my brick is no where near the Banks statue. I'll have to go over on the next nice day, find it and document it's location.


Anonymous said...

the hawks'a are getting destroyed right now, geesh..and they are chippy (lots of scuffles after each whistle).
BTW, congrats on relocating your brick.


stef said...

The important thing is that the brick is located and no one has to feel your wrath.

Eric Holtman said...

Clearly a number of other Cubs fans went ape-shit before you did....

Bee said...

Forget all this crap...I just heard on the radio about a guy playing slow pitch softball, he got a big hit and was sliding into home and got nailed with the ball just below his left ear...he is dead now...there are other sports Joe...

el supremo de nm said...

Wow you never said a thing all day about it.