Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Little Deja Vu

So last night I take Tylenol PM in an effort to sleep through the night and deal with shoulder pain that sets in after about four hours of sleep. While I still woke up about four hours in, the pain wasn't severe, so it could have been something else that woke me up. All in all, the Ylenol PM was a success.

At some pint while I was trying to fall back asleep, I had a "what ever happened to...." thought. Do other people have these thoughts regarding people on TV or in movies? This particular one I had thought of before but never researched. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode called "The Busboy"? This busboy sets a menu too close to a candle, it lights on fire, George puts it out, the manager comes over and George mentions the busboy put it there and the busboy gets fired. Hilarity ensues. Anyway, I remember from watching the Season 2 DVD with the commentary on (this was probably two years ago) that Jerry was making fun of the guy a bit saying he had thought he was the next Marlon Brando or something and then said "Whatever happened to that guy?". Nobody knew.

Well the guy's name is David Labiosa and if you look at his filmography, he seems to have been in every single show that I never watched. It's truly amazing. He's been in a lot of stuff (the page lists 46 different shows), but the only one I watched was 24, where he was in four episodes but before I started watching 24. To come clean, I guess I did watch Hill Street Blues and he was in one episode as well as I vaguely remember watching White Shadow.

So today I got home from work, turned on the TV, switched to TBS and guess what episode was on?? The Busboy!! How freakin' weird is that??


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