Sunday, January 17, 2010

I really want to know.....

So much going on in the world to think about. Haiti for one. Haiti, before the quake, was a shit hole. It is still, a shit hole. People were living in abject poverty, dieing every day because they don't have access to food or clean water or basic medicine. Gangs rule their territories because the government is too corrupt, disorganized and scared to do anything about them. That was Haiti on Monday before the quake and it's Haiti today. Instead of raising tens of millions of dollars to help people in these situations AFTER a tragedy, why can't we get people to care enough to raise that much money before hand to help with the basics of life? If there's a reason to help them now, shouldn't we have been helping them before? Whether you are suffering from the oppression of a building block on your chest or from an intolerant, corrupt regime or from the oppression of not being able to get drinkable water for your children or food for yourself, is it really any different?

On a lighter note, nobody can find this guy. Seriously? He's 18, 6'5" and 210. How hard can it be?

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stef said...

Very true words Joe. But it would be something if the disaster was a catalyst for true change wouldn't it?