Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas gifts

Via Facebook I've found out that some people are just now taking down their Christmas trees, which I think is fine. Leaving them up until the spring seems a bit excessive, but why do you have to take them down by NYE? That seems to be the conventional wisdom. Bunk I say!

So has everyone put their Christmas gifts to good use? Have you put them away? Worn them? Washed and ruined them? This year is particular bad for me as I have yet to do anything with about half of my gifts!! I like them all, but I just haven't either put them away or worn them. So I don't internalize my angst, I blame my shoulder surgery. Clearly that's not true, but I'm not sure of the real reason. I guess if I'm not using it everyday, it's just not a priority right now. Though some of them I COULD be using if I just unpacked them. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Also, I found out today that at least 91% of your American Red Cross donations for Haiti will actually make it's way to Haiti. That's a pretty good number.


C.G.S. said...

Joseph E....where did you find that stat on Haiti that 91% of donations "make it to Haiti". I read that if a donation is made today, it wont actually be "put to use" till April/May.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Hey C-Biiscuit! I'm on the finance committee of the Chicago Region of the American Red Cross. I was curious about the % of funds that were eaten by overhead. So that's what I was asking about. When the money will be put to use, is a different question, but April seems a bit exaggerated. It might be the end of February though, just because there was SO much money donated that they have to buy goods and then ship them efficiently and distributed effectively. You can't just dump a bunch of food in the middle of the street, so there's a maximum amount that can be handled at any one time.

terri said...

I use my favorite gift every day... my new notebook. LOVE it! I got some money and spent it and have some gift cards that I will use eventually. so I'd say I'm just making my Christmas cheer last a while longer.

And my tree came down on New Year's day.

alexis said...

I didn't have a tree so I am spared the trouble. Most of my gifts are in use or regifted already!