Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3D translation

Yesterday someone using the name "cutie" posted a comment in Chinese that I deleted because it was clearly spam plus I didn't know what it said! Then, this morning, I remembered Alexis turning me onto Google's translate function so I recovered the deleted comment and put it into the translator. This is what came out: The best way to foster healthy child is the parents first become able-bodied person. I couldn't agree more!!! Next time maybe I'll translate it first before deleting it.

Last night, LL and I had a celebration and went out to dinner downtown (Vivo on Randolph) and then to Navy Pier to see Avatar in 3D on Imax. Wow. If you have access to Avatar at an Imax, you HAVE GOT TO GO. It's unbelievable. The movie is great probably at a regular theater too, but at an Imax, it's just crazy awesome.

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alexis said...

I couldn't agree more on both counts, and how pleased am I that you are using google translate to open the world a little more!