Monday, January 11, 2010

Every 20 Years

The other day Ricardo said he was going to be staying home and thinking about the new year, his career and his future. This made me think, albeit not right away, about what I've done, what I'm doing and what I want to do.

But that's a huge task right? So let's narrow it down.

How about in 20ish year chunks? Why not?

How did the first 20ish years go? Let's go to 23 when I graduated college. Well, I survived childhood without any broken bones, made friends, became educated (at least in terms of our society and for the relevant time period), never smoked anything and was generally well adjusted. Sort of I guess. Still a little immature at that point, but it didn't stop me from getting married, but that leaks into the second 20 years.

It would be difficult to say the next 20 year period was less than pretty successful and happy. Professionally I was successful enough to be financially independent at 35. Turned around two companies and helped sell them. Now I own two businesses. So that's pretty darn good. Personally, I realized that I got married too young and had the strength and decency to get divorced and move on. Fortunately I followed up my marriage with a few long term relationships with good women and I grew as a person and potential spouse as a result. Also from a personal perspective, I've found great enjoyment with three hobbies: softball, golf and working out. And beyond just me, I've been active in my church including the $3 million renovation as well as the Red Cross and Family Rescue (an organization that helps abused women and their children). For most of that 20 years I've lived in my condo, so I guess I did an ok job with buying real estate.

Now I embark on my third 20 year segment, sort of like a regeneration of Dr. Who. What do I want to do professionally? What do I want to do personally? With whom do I want to do those things? What hobbies do I want/will I be able to continue? Maybe I'll set aside some time this week to ponder these and other questions. No decision yet on whether I'll present my ponderings here in the blog.


alexis said...

wow, that is a heavy one! Indeed it is good to reflect on those things once in a while. Certainly more productive than worrying sort of half-way about them but not really taking anything useful out of it.

My experience is that concrete events never happen but you still manage to wind your way to your goal in the end.

LOL and this is soooo much deeper than my post today!

el supremo de nm said...

Good stuff Joe.