Thursday, January 07, 2010


Yeah, it's hard for me to go too long without writing about the Bears, even if I'm enamored with watching the Blackhawks play now. However, you can find some solace in the fact that football season is coming to an end and I won't have much Bears topics to write about for a while.

The teams the Bears are playing next year have been determined already. The NFL bases the schedule on where a team finishes in their division and a rotation of divisional play. As such, the Bears have 8 games against playoff teams from this year. Eight!!! Granted, four are against Minnesota and Green Bay, which they would play regardless. But they also play Dallas and Philadelphia (in addition to Washington and the NY Giants who are not playoff teams but are in the NFC East), New England and the Jets.

It's going to be tough to make the playoffs when you can't make changes through the draft (we have no first or second round pick), can't make changes through free agency there will be 200 fewer free agents due to an impending failure to agree on a collective bargaining agreement with the players union, AND on top of it, half of your games are against good teams. Ugh. 2010 might not be as much fun for Bears fans as I had hoped. Sigh......

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el supremo de nm said...

I'd like to feel sorry for you but when you start acting like my son-in-law (Mr. Buffalo Bills fan), all thoughts of sympathy flee.