Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hiccups and booze

Last night, Ricardo, Bill the Bear, Smitty and I went to the Cubs game thanks to tickets acquired by Ricardo. Good seats down the third base line. We met up at Bernie's (a bar by Wrigley) for drinks before hand and I had two beers. After getting to the game, I think I had another two beers, so at this point it was four beers in about four hours. No big deal. After the game though, we hit the bars (actually just two) and I had way too much to drink over the next three hours. We did have fun though!!

The first place we hit after the game was Raw Bar where the guys got two plates of oysters. I say "the guys" because that's the last thing I'm looking for after a night of drinking. After Raw Bar, we headed to Nisei Lounge which was relatively uncrowded and had a pool table. Much pool was played and beer drank. When I left Bill and Ricardo around 1, I was tipsy but only had to walk a few blocks so it wasn't a big deal. LL was in bed of course and I woke her up which I didn't feel good about. Then the hiccups started. Ugh. It's rare that I get them but when I do, they are bad. One year I had them for three days!! They would stop when I went to sleep and start the minute I woke up. Ugh.

Last night they kept going until about 4:30 in the morning, so needless to say today I'm exhausted. Since I was shaking the bed with the hiccups, I went down to my computer and then tried to sleep on the sofa. No fun.

Back to the game. About an inning after we sat down, in walked some ex-coworkers and sat a few rows in front of me. One of them was from Australia and we were trying to find a time to have her meet LL while she was in town. Good fun! So I knew four of that crowd plus the three with me plus two other friends of mine, JC and Mike, were at the game elsewhere in the stadium AND two gals with whom I used to play co-ed football were there too. Crazy that we'd all be at the same game on a random Tuesday night!!! It WAS one of the first nice weather night games though.


el supremo de nm said...

Ricardo was involved. I should have known.

And the verification word today was...
"poker"! Hah.

terri said...

So you did all this drinking and being out on a work night? (Yes, I just realized how OLD that makes me sound.)

Those hiccups sound nasty. Enough to drive someone crazy!

alexis said...

4:30 in the morning! You rascal.