Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Things I do that are rude

Contrary to popular belief, I am not without fault. It's true. I know. Many of you look up to me and my near faultless pearls of wisdom, but it's time for me to come clean. Why? A valid question. The other day, for some reason, I thought how polite LL is about various things and how some things don't even register with me as being rude.

For instance, when I'm done eating dinner at the table, I get up and take my dishes to the sink and dishwasher. Seems ok to clear away the dishes and such, but actually while LL is still eating, it's pretty rude. So now I sit and wait for her to finish and continue chatting from the table.

Another rude thing I do is blow my nose pretty much anywhere and anytime. If my nose needs blowing, I blow it. At points in the past, I would excuse myself from wherever I was (the room, the dinner table, a meeting) and then go blow my nose. At some point I decided "hey, I'm not leaving. What's the big deal?" Well, that needs to change.

Like any good softball player, I spit. Unfortunately it's not relegated to the softball field. It's sort of like the blowing my nose thing: I just have a strong desire to breath and not choke. That's a fine excuse, but I can still take care of my sputum without being rude about it. So I'm going to work on that.

What else? I'm going to have think more about this.


el supremo de nm said...

I don't know if I can take all this introspection and personal self-improvement on your part Joe. I think it must be somewhere in Revelations as one of the signs of the Apocolypse.

Bee said...

Apocalypse nothin'...This is impending marriage...I SMELL LOVE...i mean seriously, he is gonna move to blow his nose??? WOOHOO!

terri said...

That's it? That's not so bad! So you've got a few rough edges. Believe me, it could be SO much worse. There are some truly rude people in this world whose behavior belittles anyone who gets in their way. (Trust me. I'm related to a few of them.)

It's good that you recognize the things you do that could stand a little improvement though.

alexis said...

well kudos in any case for trying to think about others in our self-absorbed age. Not that you don't do that already in spades! Maybe I will try to introspect and see if I can't find some improvements this week as a challenge..