Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another missed post!

Another long day of not being home yesterday prevented yet another post. This is seriously a problem of late! Yesterday I had a dentist appointment out in Naperville, so I made it for 11:30 to avoid traffic. Then LL and I decided to have lunch and do some more registering out by her work. That also allowed me to have dinner with my folks and then play softball with my 40 and over team, though I use the possessive very loosely since I only played with them twice last year and this is my first time this year. So after 8 days of way too much physical activity, I'm taking some time off, at least through next Monday. My back and hamstrings just can't go full bore anymore. Ha, I rhymed!

Anyway, LL is still very tired and relatively sick as well, so she's going to welcome my time at home, at least until Friday. Friday is when I'll head up north to Ricardo's cabin with Ricardo, Bill the Bear, Smitty and Nick. Should be a fun weekend, but mostly just restful: golf, food and drinking....sounds pretty nice.


alexis said...

yes, get some down time for pete's sake!

el supremo de nm said...

Old, so old.

Restful weekend with Ricardo...right...How about drunken weekend with Ricardo!

terri said...

Even your "restful" weekend doesn't sound so restful!