Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fast post

Busy, busy, busy. Off to Wisconsin in the morning and I still have to pack!! The food is almost ready to go, golf clubs are in the car.....haven't bought any booze. Ugh. Oh well. I'll make due. Or is it make "do". I'm pretty sure it's not "doo".

Found out this guy on the 40 and over team on which I'm playing is the same guy that used to be a counselor or something at my high school. On my very first day of high school, I have a vivid memory of running through the halls with my buddies Tom and Pete and he yelled at us to stop and that we had detention. Then he took off after some other "hoodlums". We hadn't even been in high school for an hour yet and I had detention. Quickly we realized though that none of us even knew who this guy was!! Teacher? Dean? Counselor? Principal? We had no idea. And we were almost positive that he had NO IDEA who the heck we were, so we just said screw it and tried to avoid him the rest of the week (not that we knew where he was or was going at any point in time). Naperville Central High School was no small time school. My graduating class had 525 people, so the school had well over 2,000 kids. What were the odds that he would remember us? Turns out, not very good. Over the next four years I didn't have much interaction with this fellow and I'm not sure about Tom and Pete, but we never heard about the detention again. Nice move on our part!! We could have been labeled as troublemakers from day one if we had showed up. Who knows??


alexis said...

wow! hilarious to be reminded of those sorts of what if situations from our youth. I think however, that life already has you pegged as a troublemaker no matter what you do. ;)

terri said...

It's "do". :-)

So did you tell that guy who you were and how you escaped serving detention on your very first day of high school?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I haven't yet Terri. I only just found out who he was. I'll tell him next time I see him and see if he even remembers me!