Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blackcow, Rootbeer Float, whatever you want to cal it.

Somehow I forgot about one of the fun events from last weekend: a fish fry on Friday. Actually it's no surprise how I forgot as I was exhausted and drunk most of the weekend. The fish fry offered sea perch or haddock, broiled or fried, beans and coleslaw in different amounts (2 fillets, 3 fillets or all you can eat). I chose the ayce meal and downed four fried haddock fillets. Good stuff. Then Nick decides he wants dessert. Ugh. Bill and Ricardo pass and I don't hear anything of interest, but I don't want Nick to eat alone, so I went off the menu. The waitress mentioned ice cream as a side to one of the desserts, so I asked if she had root beer. She did. "Can you make me a rootbeer float?", I asked. The 60+ year old waitress said, yeah, I think so, let me check with the owner (whom we had met earlier--he's a golfer, heard us talking about courses and recommended the course where we played both Saturday and Sunday).

Turns out the waitress used to be a HoJo girl back in the day(a waitress at Howard Johnsons) and she made me an awesome rootbeer float!! Couldn't have been happier, except now I was almost too full to do anymore drinking that night.....almost.


terri said...

Mmmm... a rootbeer float. There's something I haven't had in a long time.

alexis said...

oh man, I remember loving those as a kid... not so my favorite thing these days though I do love ice cream in most all forms.

el supremo de nm said...

That was pretty nice of her!