Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To be continued....'s been a late softball night, so I'm going to have to write tomorrow. Went 9-9 in two games tonight, but this time the other team only had 9 players, so we beat them pretty badly in just five innings both games. I played better on defense, but only had a few balls hit my way.

Tomorrow: lightning struck my mind today as I've figured out that women are making us more like Europeans.....and not in a good way. Hopefully that entry won't get me in trouble!!


alexis said...

LOL, "women are making us more like Europeans". This reminds me of something my cousin said about men's fashion while we were in Paris - "is he European, or gay?".

el supremo de nm said...

WON'T GET YOU IN TROUBLE! Hah. Guaranteed to get you in trouble. My Dad has called it the feminization of the country. You and he'd get along fine.