Monday, June 20, 2011

Now that's being tired.

Ohhhhh, what a weekend. The boyz headed up north to Ricardo's cabin near the Dells in Wisonsin. Bill the Bear, Nick and I stopped at The Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb for lunch and a drink on the way up and then hit a nearby golf course. Time wise we ended up playing until close to dark and then got to the cabin and started the cocktails. It was a late evening on the back porch under the citronella tikki torches. Saturday morning though it was up and at'em at the crack of....9 or 10 I think. Ok, we were moving kind of slow. Billy was hungover after a plethora of scotch and sodas. But we hit the golf course in time for a 1:40 tee time. After a fun round, we headed back to the cabin where my buddy Smitty had arrived after a long drive in the morning from Toledo where he was visiting relatives.

It was a steak dinner on Saturday night and then a trip to the bars and a casino. We closed down the bar (2 a.m.) and then closed down the casino! Who knew casinos closed?? Fortunately they stop serving booze at 2 a.m. so at least while were there we weren't drinking. We had a great time whooping it up at the blackjack table as Smitty and I won $100 , Nick and Ricardo were up too. Only poor Billy didn't end up winning money, but he didn't lose much. Our group was up $200, not too shabby. Ironically, Bill was the designated driver ergo the only sober one!!

Sunday morning came very early, but we made our 11:00 tee time, though barely. It was touch and go for a while, but we made it and I actually shot just as well on Sunday as I did Saturday. Odd. After golf it was some quick food and then a 3 hour drive home with the help of McDonald's iced coffee.

Saw this via email today. It was pretty neat.

Also got this interesting map showing where people in the world are buying in the US.


Bee said...

man those beasts are wicked cool, there has to be a practical application for this!

terri said...

Really cool creatures! Thanks for sharing.

Now get some rest tonight! ;-)

el supremo de nm said...

It's hard to believe the bad rap that I for being the source of your debauchery when I read posts like this.