Thursday, June 02, 2011

Techie and Foodie

A mental debate I'm having currently is whether or not to get an Ipad for traveling or not. It would be nice to do some of the basics of a computer (internet access, email, etc), but they aren't cheap. Apparently you don't use them for heavier work like with Excel spreadsheets and such, which would be a nice option. It would be nice if I could watch movies on it and especially nice if it would play a DVD, but I don't think that's an option. It probably only plays downloaded movies, which is more expensive than just renting from Redbox or watching a DVD I already own. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.....

Oh no, I'm watching an episode of King of Queens and the main character just received a call on his answering machine and it's the same machine that I currently use....the episode is from 1998. On a related note, I'm thinking about dropping our home phone line entirely and save the money. Seems like a relatively needless expense now if I can get a headset for my Iphone. It's $50 a month, so that seems worth while to make the change. Has everyone else already done this??

On my way to get lunch at Falafill, I saw a couple of interesting things of which I took quick pictures.

As you might recall, in May of last year I called that this restaurant was failing and in March of this year it did indeed close. Now they are putting in a Mr. Taco...whatever that is. We have plenty of not good Mexican options in the area, so I'm skeptical, but I'll give them a shot. I'm sure the landlord is kicking himself/herself for trying to raise the rent on Einstein's Bagels to the point where they bailed. It was empty for almost 18 months after Einstein left.

Ms. Stephanie is co-sponsoring a sandwich this month at my falafel shop! Apparently they are going to have a new chef sponsoring a sandwich every month. Interesting. Tough to keep up that pace though. Anyway, we used to go to her restaurant, Scylla, pretty often. Good eating. Then she made it big by winning Top Chef one season and closed Scylla. She opened a new place, Girl and The Goat, and it's nearly impossible to get in. Good for her!


Bee said...

You so need to get an Ipad2 and while your at it, your big sister would die for one!!!!! ;)

el supremo de nm said...

Mr. Taco???

Good grief.

terri said...

Much as I would love an iPad, I think I may have reached my gadget limit, at least for a while. It's not like my work necessitates my having one. Anyway, since I like to read so much, I'm pretty happy with my Nook, which has internet capability.

We still have a land line. And an answering machine. I don't really encourage extended family to call me on my cell and it's nice to keep steering those calls to the house. I just don't want to be all that accessible when I'm away from the house.

alexis said...

I am not sold on the iPads or similar variants. This probably means I am just going to slide further behind the technology curve but I am addicted to keyboards and the functionality is not so great on any of those touchpads that I have seen so far.

Yes, a shame it is impossible to get into the new resto - we tried for our trip to Chicago!