Monday, June 27, 2011

Hyundai is lying to you

The best thing after a neighborhood parade that overruns the neighborhood is a nice rain which is exactly what we had this morning. It's just nice to wash away some of the odor, spills, stickiness, whatever that's on the street and sidewalks.

For lunch I was looking forward to some Vietnamese food at this new restaurant across the street from Starbucks call Bun Mi (apparently it's a bit of a chain so you might have one near you). They have various sandwiches on baguettes and some spring rolls, but I was interested in these large dumpling like sandwiches that were filled with your choice of meat apparently. I guess you heat them up either there in the restaurant or at home, but unfortunately, I was not able to find out as even though they just opened on Friday, they already didn't have anymore of these sandwiches. Great. So I hit the bricks and went down to Falafill for a falafel sandwich. Good stuff.

Hyundai has a new program: the Hyundai Assurance Program. They advertise that when you buy a new car, the price drops as soon as you take it off the lot and that they are doing something about it. What are they doing? They are telling you what they will buy the car back for in the future (at some point, but who knows when) when you trade it in during your purchase of a new Hyundai. Soooo many problems with this seemingly innocuous commercial that it drives me crazy!!!

First, the problem of the depreciation in a new car leaving the lot does not go away with this program. They are simply REASSURING you that it will lose value! They aren't doing anything to fix the problem though. They are just going to tell you what you can find on the web as the blue book value history anyway!! Ridiculous.

Then they slide into the commercial that it's only as part of a trade in on a new Hyundai. So now you're screwed yourself TWICE on a new car instead of buying a low mileage used car and just saved that 10-30% depreciation. Now part of the reason Hyundai is doing this is that they are losing sales to the used car market, but it's just a marketing ploy to dupe the uninformed.

Apparently the little green cabbage vegetable is called Brussels Sprouts. It's "Brussels". I did not know that.


alexis said...

here they are just spruitjes (sproutchyehs). Fft, not sure my phonetic spelling of that was helpful actually!

People who buy new cars should know they are tossing a big chunk of money away to begin with I guess.

el supremo de nm said...

Brussels ??? sprouts. Who knew? And how did you find out?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

It's actually on the bag AND there's a Wiki entry about it. Interesting stuff.