Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

What a nice weekend. It's more than a three day weekend because few people do much on the Friday before Memorial Day so it's like having a four day weekend. Friday, after doing some work including landing a client, I cooked 3 racks of ribs that turned out absolutely awesome. The reason I made 3 racks was to have plenty of leftovers, which were consumed over the remaining days of the weekend. Yum. LL made the statement that we don't need to go to Ribfest in Naperville anymore because my ribs are so good it would be pointless. Score!

Saturday was a pretty big day as we headed out Joseph A. Bank, yes the store that runs soooo
many sale commercials, because I needed to settle on my wedding attire. JAB has 500 stores nationally, so even Joisey Ken could get the appropriate clothes. We should look pretty good AND be relatively cool AND for a little more than the price of a tuxedo rental, we'll have outfits that we can wear almost anywhere. Very happy, but not as happy as LL. :-) Afterwards we met John and Carol (4 months pregnant) out for dinner at Sun Wah, Chinese Barbecue. Unlike during the week, there was a huge wait!! The other three times we've been there have been during the week and the huge place was only ever 2/3rds full. Not on Saturday though. And they changed from selling 22 ounce Goose Island Matilda bottles to 12 ounce drafts for only 50 cents less. Damn.

Sunday was our annual Memorial Day party down in Mokena at Terry and Sandie's. This year, since we were bringing guacamole, we tried to get there closer to 3:00 when the party started. Unfortunately, I slept like crap on Saturday night due to some allergy issues resulting in a sore throat. Ugh. But I drugged up and toughed it out. The food is always delish and Terry and Sandie are very fun to see. It's a little tough on us because everyone knows each other (most are relatives) and they know us because we're outsiders, but we STILL haven't gotten everyone's names down.....actually, we've gotten very few names down. It's still fun though!

Here's some pictures:

Sandie early on before the drinking started. No oven fires this year!!!

Terry, who is camera shy, putting some food out. I didn't know what the Fritos were for....they were actually part of some dish though.

The appetizers including my guacamole. Yum. In the foreground were these little balls of Bisquick, beef and cheese. Yum!! I'm going to make them for tailgating next year.

The salad portion of the meal. The whitish salad on the left was absolutely awesome!! It tasted like a caramel apple. Seriously! Soooo freaking good. I need to get that recipe too.


terri said...

Guacamole... YUM!

I'll bet the white salad was a Snicker Bar salad. I believe it's a Girl Scout recipe and it is literally sliced up Snicker Bars, sliced apples and Cool Whip.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

You're right! That's what it was Terri. Awesomely delicious!!

alexis said...

the white salad sounds good but is it not a bit misleading to put it next to salads? Perhaps it'd fit in better next to the desserts. Sounds delicious, in any case.

el supremo de nm said...

Bad news on the Matilde's and Sun Wah. Someone most have finally done a cost of sales analysis :(