Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mender!

So today I decided to hit the gym again and see how the left shoulder/pinched nerve would hold up with working out twice in the same week. Now yesterday, at my physical therapy, instead of my usual 120 pound girl loosening up the muscles around my neck and trap, a guy, Glenn, worked on it. Glenn's worked at my PT place for close to the last decade and he chuckles every time I show up with an injury, which have been: my right shoulder, left shoulder, right knee, lower back, right hand (twice) and left hand. While I've worked WITH Glenn doing exercises, he's never worked ON me. But he did yesterday and really loosened up some problem areas in my trapezius and neck area. Good stuff. My trip to the gym was productive and while still at reduced weights, things are looking positive.

Today was my buddy Mender's 30th birthday. Mender is legally blind and coached our softball team the last few years. This year he is starting a website called Conversextion, (site may be NSFW for some) which I'm helping him bring to fruition on the business side of things. Anyway, he was going to the Cubs game, despite the 47 degree weather and threat of rain, so I opted to bail on the game and meet him out for a drink. Not only did I get to see him though, but softball teammates and Bears tailgaters Eric, Andy (Sausage) and Jack were there as well. Good fun as I haven't seen them much this year. Eric and Jack play different league nights, so I only see them at tournaments. Andy doesn't play with us anymore and is recovering from a torn Achilles. So it was a good night all around, especially since the game got rained out in the 7th inning, long after I was at home on the sofa with LL after enjoying a nice dinner of pork chops and potatoes.

Tomorrow, St. Augustine is related to softball. Check back for that one!


alexis said...

lol, I should have known from the business name but maybe could have warned us before we open that link at work to your friend's website?

terri said...

Interesting website! I bet it ends up getting a lot of traffic!