Friday, May 20, 2011

Wrapping up Puerto Rico

Thought maybe today I'd just finish up the Puerto Rico posts with some more pics and notes.

Here's a peacock from the garden area of the Hilton. Cool!

Here's the peacock's lady partner. There's a koi pond too!

Here's LL at our table on the patio of Cafe Puerto Rico off of Plaza Colon. It was a patio with just one table on it! Very nice for our first dinner in Old San Juan. Food was delicious too. This restaurant is pretty popular and was recommended by every person we talked to about good restaurants. And then we got the primo table!

Here's the statue in Plaza Colon.

Here's the second hotel, El Convento. Yes, it used to be a convent. It's a great hotel, rated #9 in the Caribbean by Conde Naste!

This is a picture of our dinners at Aguaviva, another restaurant off of Plaza Colon. I had scallops over seafood risotto. LL had....I think it was some kind of seafood salad. Both were delicious! The bartender there is Mikey and we highly recommend stopping in to see him. He makes a great mojito and apple caipirinha. Very personable too.

This jellyfish light is at the seafood themed Aguaviva. There are four or five of them lighting the middle of the room. Very cool.

Another food pic! This was at Cafe El Punto (also called La Calle I believe). LL had crab stuffed avocado halves. I had shrimp and crab stuffed plantains. The sides were sweet plantains which we tried to have every meal and I suggest you do as well if you're visiting PR!

And here's LL at one of the many fortress corners. We did a brief walk around, but will go back for a longer visit when we are there in August.

One bit of useful information for visitors to Old San Juan: off of Plaza Armas, there is a Walgreens AND a Marshalls, not to mention a Wendy's. Lots of stuff that you might have forgotten or if you have an emergency need of some sort. Useful info!


el supremo de nm said...

Love the fact you got the table on the patio. Very cool. And Laura looks lovely as always.

alexis said...

omg, I am slobbering over those picture. Thank goodness I am reading this over lunch!