Monday, May 09, 2011

This and that

It's that time of year again...almost....beach time! And with it, what kills more people than shark attacks by far. This story shows you how easy it could be for your kid to get into trouble.

I've put this on my Facebook page too because it's really, really annoying when people misuse or misspell these words. Plus it's funny!!

Saturday I headed to the gym for a workout and to test out my shoulder/neck. While I could do some exercises just fine, I couldn't bench press like I wanted to and there was another exercise that isolates your rotator cuff that I normally do but really struggled with even doing a few. AND it hurt. So this morning I emailed my doctor and relayed the information and spoke to my physical therapist as well. It seems like maybe the pinched nerve is a RESULT of trying to compensate for a muscle strain or tear in my rotator cuff. We'll see though as I've requested an MRI just so I'm not wasting time with PT when I need something more serious or altogether different.


alexis said...

I will warn my co-worker! She is going to Miami this summer and I bet she doesn't realize the perils that await her!

el supremo de nm said...

Who knows how many would perish from being buried at low tide without your timely warning.

Joe, perhaps you should acknowledge that re: the arm that you are indeed getting old.