Sunday, May 22, 2011

A fun couple of days!

Lots going on the last few days after the trip to PR.

Thursday was the long awaited night out with Ricardo and Jodi, an event we've been trying to have since March. Ricardo had four seats to the Sox game two rows behind the Sox dugout as well as Stadium Club passes (think of the largest skybox you can imagine and that's the Stadium Club). Good fun, even if I had a bit too much to drink. At one point, Jodi was extolling the virtues of having the wedding filmed instead of just photographs. For some reason my brain locked up and couldn't comprehend how she could have such a strong opinion since she wasn't married. Mind you, I was AT THEIR WEDDING!! Yikes.

Friday we went out again, this time to Craft Beer Week which was being held this night at The Long Room and featuring Avery Brewery beers. LL's sister was in town for work as well, so we she came along. In addition, the owners of two restaurants down in Old San Juan and attached to Hotel El Convento, Ernesto and Andrea, are in town for the beer celebration, so we hooked up with them too. After three hours of drinking, we headed across the street for ribs at The Piggery and had a nice meal there of ribs, corn bread and twice baked potatoes. While it could have gone on all night, I had to get up in the morning for softball so I had to leave around 10:30.

Saturday morning brought and early wakeup call (6:00 a.m.) to get to a softball tournament in Crystal Lake, about 75 minutes away. We started at 9 and played three straight games before getting a break finally around 1. We won our first game against a team that beat us last weekend (I wasn't there obviously) in a tightly contested game. Not sure what the final score was but it was something like 25-21. I kept my good "first game" performance going as I was 3-4 in the first game and should have been 4-4 but basically got myself out on an unfocused at bat. So now I'm 16-18 in the first games of tournaments this year.

In our second game we played a common opponent, Amish Mafia, and lost 30-29. They had last at bats and scored 5 in the last inning to win. Unfortunately one of our better players made two infield errors to contribute to the loss. Ugh. I was 3-5 in this game, nothing special. We won our next game and I was again 3-4 and then we lost our last game 7-6 where I went 3-3. So for the day we went 2-2 and I was 12-16, a .750 OBA clip. Pretty solid. And I played third base and did pretty well. No problems from either shoulder.


Bee said...

...yeah but what worries me is the near blackout while drinking...scary...bad beer perhaps?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

You know, the crazy thing is Bee, that I only had maybe 3 beers! What's up with that??

terri said...

25 - 21? Holy cow! That must have been some softball game!

alexis said...

I know you complain about your body not keeping up with you as you get older but dude, this is a weekend worthy of a person half your age.

el supremo de nm said...

Right Alexis - especially combining the drinking with the softball. Dude you're not 25!

Please note also that ll this drinking and eating took place without my presence.