Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A bin laden supporter

So here's some real Facebook discussion from Sunday night with my comments unfortunately deleted (by the FB page owner). I'll try to reproduce my posts at the end:

Original post: I'm glad we got him folks, but there sure seems to be a hell of a lot of hate plastered all over facebook tonight...

  • Mason McCollough Ah agreed too much!
    Sunday at 11:35pm ·
  • Jordan Wade Agreed
    Sunday at 11:37pm ·
  • Steven Andrew way too much.
    Sunday at 11:43pm ·
  • Abi Razo truth.
    Sunday at 11:45pm ·
  • Stefanie Jones I know it!!
    Yesterday at 8:23am ·
  • Lisa Sandeford my thoughts exactly.
    Yesterday at 9:27am ·
  • Greg Bussell I was immediately struck by the similarity between the American reaction to the news of bin Laden's death and bin Laden's reaction to the news of 9-11. Hate breeds hate.
    Yesterday at 11:21am · · 2 people
  • Roger Gordon ‎"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - M.L.K.
    Yesterday at 11:35am · · 2 people
  • Leeah Taylor one of my favorite quotes ever, roger :)
    Yesterday at 2:10pm ·
  • Nathan Heath As someone who has lost a loved one In Afgan. Doesn't really matter. Fine another evil sick twisted person is dead, doesn't bring back the loved ones who have died. I can promise you I have not shed a tear for Bin Laden though.
    Yesterday at 2:38pm ·
  • Aspen Taylor truth! all the people cheering in the streets is gross.
    Yesterday at 5:10pm ·
  • Joanna Matthews It feels very wrong to 'celebrate' today.
    Yesterday at 6:08pm · · 1 person

Now, the poster is a yoga instructor in Texas who used to live up here in Chicago. It's really hard for me to comprehend the ignorance of the issue that these people and the 16 people who liked her comment, are displaying. You're not happy we killed a mass murderer? You're not happy that a terrorist who routinely killed civilians, women and children in several countries is dead?

Ok, that's not what I posted. It was more like this: I'm going to have to post an opposing view to your other posters. He was a terrorist who killed innocent people, both his own followers and Americans (not to mention others). The world is a better place with him dead.

Then she wrote: But he's dead and our troops haven't come home from a meaningless war. How crazy is that?

I responded: Well, they JUST killed him! Of course the troops haven't come home. Hopefully his death will be the first domino that allows our troops to come home. However, if you want to complain about a meaningless war, you should be upset about the war in Iraq. Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, and then Pakistan, but he wasn't in Iraq.

Then I decided to relay this posting in my blog, only to find that she's deleted my posts. So not only does she have, in my opinion, some warped sense of reality (and clearly no one she knew or was related to died in any of his attacks) but she also only likes to hear one side of the story....which I can imagine involves rainbows and unicorns.


alexis said...

I did see yesterday a lot of people saying comments along those lines. I feel a bit like in the sense that realistically the world is violent.

I just wish we'd get this kind of dialogue and passion about more subjects that might directly touch people, but it seems it is only reserved for these crazy outlier news events.

terri said...

I really hate when FaceBookers post political comments, then refuse to accept any opposing views. If you don't want to have a debate, don't post political commentary.