Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The other #51

The other day I wrote about Craft Beer Week here in Chicago and our fun night out with Ricardo, Jodi and Ernesto and Andrea, from Puerto Rico on Friday. On Sunday I hooked up with Ernesto and Andrea again, this time at The Haymarket Brewery on Randolph. Good fun again!! PLUS they had just got engaged at the top of the ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Very happy for them. We watched the Bulls lose and enjoyed some craft beers.

Ernesto has a lot of contacts in PR and has suggested that I run some of our wedding proposals from vendors by him to see if he knows them or can get a better deal without sacrificing quality. Sounds good to me!!

Today I had lunch with an insurance salesman who is part of an insurance and wealth management firm. Nothing out of the ordinary except that he played for the '85 Bears!! He even had his Super Bowl ring on. Oddly enough, he's about my size!!! What's up with that? And he was a linebacker! I just always picture these football players as much larger than me. Anyway, he was the last Bear to wear #51 before it was retired in honor of Dick Butkus. It was Jim Morrissey. Very nice guy and he was born in Flint, Michigan, which is right next to Fenton where I lived for two years. So we had a nice lunch talking about all sorts of sports stuff and he may go golfing with me and the boys on Thursdays once in a while. Nice!


alexis said...

stars walking right amongst us! I guess his time with the Bears was before you could get salaries enough to retire on for the rest of your life?

el supremo de nm said...

I even recognized his name. I know an ex college lineman in his early 30's who is a wealth manager who was over 300 pounds when he was playing and is now around 190 something. You'd never guess he was a lineman