Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wine and SNL

Tonight, after sushi and wine, we watched last week's SNL. Maybe it was the wine, but we just could not stop laughing at the Update skit about Southwest Airlines. Maybe it's because Kleveland Kim is a flight attendant for them that made it funny....I'm not sure. Here's the full SNL Update link. The Carville skit was funny too....raised by eels....Ha!

After cooking the last two nights and staying up till midnight last night watching the Blackhawks lose in overtime, we were a bit tired today so we visited our favorite sushi shop around the corner which is BYOB. Minnie (the waitress) and Eric (the chef) always take good care of us and give us something extra either before or at the end of the meal. Tonight, again, it was these little ice cream balls that were pretty tasty.

Maybe it was the bottle of wine we split that made the SNL skits so, they were funny!!

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