Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Friday Night

Friday night I was supposed to do something fun with Ricardo and wife, but my buddy from Morris, Doug, got invited to a special Bears pre-draft event. They were trying to sell four suites that have available (only 4 out of 133 are available!!!), the cheapest of which goes for $125,000 a season without food or beverage. Doug has 10 seats throughout the stadium, so that's why he was included in the relatively small group of fans. As his guest, I got free parking, a Bears hat, a locker room tour, a trip around part of the field, a rally towel, two autographs and free food and drinks for the evening. Good fun!

Afterwards, I met up with the Brothers Mathews, whom I have written about in my offline blog but not on my online blog. There are four brothers, Colin, Brendan, Devin and Kiernan. All of them are successful and smart. Back in my Morningstar days, I worked with Colin and Brendan and Devin's buddy Simon is Bill the Bear's boss at Northwestern. Small world. Anyway, I met them out at around 10:30 or so at a local bar and hung with them for two hours while we caught up. Very good fun and I miss hanging with those guys.

Here are some pics!

Me on the field and Doug going into the locker room.

Me at Julius Peppers locker (I'm sure that's NOT his jersey) and Briggs and Urlacher's lockers.

Cutler and Hanie's lockers right next to each other. And the schedule still up from the last game played, the NFC Championship game against Green Bay. Very detailed.

Just a picture of the bathroom in the locker room. Interestingly enough, in a professional football team's locker room, they still have handicap stalls. Not sure how often a handicapped person gets on the football field, but whatever.

A sign on the mirror in the bathroom. Do you really need to tell people this??

Now THIS is a jacuzzi. A big walk in tub....awesome.

This is the tunnel that leads to the field that the Bears use every home game.

My seats are in this picture as taken from the field.

Doug Chowing down at the buffet in the party suite. Have another shrimp Doug!!

Here are our guests in the suite: Jim Morrisey and Keith Van Horne.

Here's Tom Thayer and the soon-to-be Chairman of the Board, George McCaskey.

Here's the Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl XX.

The field from the 100 level. Can you see what's wrong with this picture?


terri said...

Just goes to show... it's all who you know! What an amazing event, and all those perks! Just for being someone's guest!

alexis said...

must have been an awesome experience! I have no idea what is wrong with the picture though....

el supremo de nm said...

That's pretty cool and I'm not even a big sports fan.

Do you think that the handicapped stall are for players who get injured during the game?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Look at you ESDNM! That's probably a nice side benefit, but I'm sure they HAD to put them for ADA reasons. Actually, you'd think they would ALL be handicapped sized especially considering it's the Bears!