Monday, April 25, 2011


Friday morning I went to the doctor's office to have them check out my left shoulder that has been causing me agony over the last two weeks, even though it's been a decreasing amount of agony. After a pretty thorough examination and no fewer than 9 x-rays, yes 9!!, it would appear that I have a pinched nerve. It should just take some anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen), some physical therapy and made some time off of weights to let it heal. I'm hoping with a week of PT I'll be able to lift again towards the weekend....we'll see. When I called my PT office to schedule an appointment, the woman actually started chuckling at me since it seems that I'm in there every year for one thing or another. Such is the life of a somewhat athletic, aging guy.

With all of the shoulder pain while traveling, I totally missed that the hard beds in Europe actually seemed to help my lower back pain, despite all the walking around. (what is this, the old guy ailment entry??) It may not be the bed that's the problem though, it could be my sofa. While comfortable, it's relatively soft and I watch a lot of TV with LL on it. That's a tough trade-off to make though. I don't think my back hurts enough yet.


alexis said...

hah! maybe your PT can arrange some kind of frequent visitor card, similar to coffee joints. After 10 visits, 11th one is free?

el supremo de nm said...

Does LL actually realize that she is marrying this aging guy. Wait till she starts smelling the Ben Gay!

terri said...

Sucks to get old, doesn't it? Seems like we either didn't used to have all these aches and pains, or we just didn't notice them. Now, once you notice one, a succession of others seems to follow.