Thursday, April 28, 2011

Late post

The whole day was messed up for me from the start today. For some reason I slept in until 8 again and so my day started late. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually LIKE to not be productive in the morning, but sometimes it's necessary because I stay up late. Last night however I was in bed relatively early and STILL slept in. Crap. Anyway, despite my late start I was indeed productive.

But everything was on a different time schedule: breakfast was later, lunch was later (almost 2!), the gym was at 6 (30 minute run) and dinner was at 9. Just a crazy freaking day.

Lots of wedding things going on now. LL made the flight and hotel reservations for our honeymoon (yay!). Various people are telling us whether they can or can't go and which hotel they'll be at and what days they will be there. It's an emotional roller coaster with each call! Another topic is what I'll be wearing and what my groomsmen will be wearing. Not quite sure what direction I'm going to go, but I'm making progress.

After I ran at the gym, I couldn't help but go into the weight room and try bench pressing and curling (even though studies have recently indicated you should lift weights first and then do cardio). Both exercises went well, but I'm certainly not 100% on my left side. We'll see how it goes at the therapist tomorrow afternoon.


el supremo de nm said...

Wedding planning is always a bitch.

alexis said...

don't worry, when the wedding is over it will all be worth it!

I hate when you can't seem to catch up on a day as well.