Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Sorry folks, not much of an entry today. It was Easter Sunday of course, so I was up early for mass at 7:45, had a few minutes at home and then headed out to Naperville. LL left early as well and went to service with her folks and came out to Naperville afterwards. Lots of good food and fun, though Pops' presence was more limited than normal due to his cycle of antibiotics. It will probably be another week or so for him to be back to normal. Still, it was great to have him home from the hospital and he did join us for both dinner and our gift auction.

Remember the gift auction? We use fake money, but when you're out of it you're done. Ma wraps a bunch of stuff that today ranged from flyswatters to ceiling fan cleaning brushes to shampoo. Good fun since you have no idea what you're bidding on. Trading is allowed after the auction, so I ended up with a fly swatter, a cookbook and a ceiling fan cleaning brush. LL got some shampoo....and some other stuff too, but I don't remember what.

Anyway, big Blackhawks game tonight at 6:30 that went into overtime and ended with a Hawks win!! They were down 3 games to 0 and have tied it at 3-3. Now we play game 7 on Tuesday in Vancouver. Should be a great game.


el supremo de nm said...

Glad your dad is back and OK. And remember it is a "fly" swatter. Not a "partner" swatter.

terri said...

Good to hear your dad is on the mend.

My family events could use a little something fun. I like this gift auction idea!