Monday, February 01, 2010

So many demands on my time....oh, and Bears talk!

This quasi retired guy is feeling a bit stressed with demands for my time coming from many angles. Work, or course, has it's place and that should be fine and generally it is, but we just added a new client on top of year end discussions with our current clients. Throw into the mix the four day extravaganza with LL for her birthday, still rehabbing my shoulder, meetings at my church, meetings with Family Rescue, helping with a fundraiser for my softball team and requests for help from friends, and my plate is full. Well, it's good to be busy to some degree, but normally my stress relief is working out and I can't really do that least not yet. Yeah, even a treadmill is out for now as it's jarring on my shoulder. The physical therapist said I could ride a stationary bike, but my gym membership is on hold until I can lift weights, so I guess I'm waiting until I can use my treadmill at home. People have bigger problems, I know, but I am a bit stressed.

Is anyone else really just fed up with that guy in the McDonald's commercial who keeps saying, "Don't talk to me. I haven't had my coffee yet."? He seems like a jackass.

The Bears have finally hired an offensive coordinator. The guy hired, Mike Martz, used to be the head coach of the Rams and some other teams as well as being the offensive coordinator for the Lions when they went 0-16. Nice. The head coach for that Lions team? Rod Marinelli, the Bears defensive line coach who is now the odds on favorite to be the defensive coordinator.

But there is a small light at the end of the Bears tunnel. A very, very solid defensive end, Julius Peppers, could become a free agent this year and, if no agreement is reached between the owners and the players union, next season will be uncapped with no minimum salary that teams have to pay their collective players and no maximum either. That means Peppers will go to the highest bidder and no one needs him more than the Bears. If you have a pass rush, it makes your entire defense better. We need that badly!

One final point on the Bears, I'm wondering how many new offenses Jay Cutler has had to learn. I'm pretty sure there were two in Denver and now two in Chicago, so probably 4 in 5 years. That's not conducive to good quarterback play. Well, hopefully Martz has the answers and can work with him.

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alexis said...

good lord you are the busiest retired guy I know