Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Lost Night

That's right Peeps!! Lost is back!! Ohhhhh, and some answers finally. Since LL hasn't been a watcher, we watched the hour long "catch up" episode prior to the two hour episode. The summary was useful and the new episode was really cool. The story line with Jacob and the bad guy is really compelling to me and I'm happy they went back to it. It seems like they lost it for most of last season. I'll just let that sink in.

Had some snow here in Chicago today, but nothing huge. In January, we had 12" less snow than less year. It was also 6 degrees warmer on average than last January, but just about normal when compared to the last hundred years or so (22 degrees). Some people might disagree, but it already feels like it's warming up a bit. We're going to have some upper 30's this week and that's sweet! Every decent day is another day closer to spring.

Today was also my PT day. My normal therapist was on vacation, so I had a sub who was pretty good, but pushed my arm a bit while stretching it. It's ok because I want to get better and know I have to go through some of this pain to get there, but like anything else, all therapists are not created equal. A different style, but still effective.

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terri said...

I've never watched Lost. I just don't watch much television at all. I hear around the office that it's phenomenal though.