Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Anyone been to Geneva? The Swiss one.

Today I finalized plans to head to Geneva Switzerland with Lovely Laura!! She's going there on business in March, so I'm tagging along for the free room....free for a few nights at least. Looks like we'll pay for two nights somewhere and I have to pay for my flight of course. It should be fun!!! I'm afraid to find out how long the flight actually is, but I'm hopeful that I can handle it. Though I have flown to Europe before, flying for that long isn't my favorite thing to do.

So let's talk about Geneva! The temperature should be in the 40's and it will probably rain some while we're there as March averages 10.3 rainy days. Geneva is in the southwest corner of Swizerland....a little too close to France for my liking. A Swiss Franc (they aren't on the Euro) is worth a little less than a dollar, so it will be easy to convert the prices of things. That's key!! There will probably be a lot of people speaking French, possibly some German too and hopefully a lot of English!!

We'll have two days for sightseeing, so we're open to suggestions at this point. Just hanging out will be fun too though, so even if we don't plan anything I think wandering around the town will be nice.


terri said...

Switzerland! How fun! Of course, I have never been there, so I've got no suggestions. But I can't wait to hear all about it and maybe see some pics!

Ellen said...

We're the daily online newspaper for the Lake Geneva region, so you might want to track us for a bit before your trip, look at the events pages, etc. We're planning to do a guide to a day or two in Geneva soon, mini-travel piece aimed at people from the other end of the lake, and you might find that useful. Enjoy the trip!

alexis said...

I am afraid I haven't been there in AGES, don't remember much.

Can't believe you are going to Europe and not stopping in Amsterdam! Betrayal!!

DogBrian said...

May you bring back some cheese from the town of Gruyere for me?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

If only you included the name of the online paper Ellen! Doh!

Sorry Alexis. It's just a quick trip, besides, I'd need at least a week to try all that food you've found!

Gruyere it is DB!! Can you travel with that stuff???