Sunday, November 29, 2009

Worst Decade Ever?

Will this have been the worst decade ever? Check out this Time article discussion of the topic. They also have a photo essay of the 10 worst things about the decade. Wow, it really was a pretty lousy decade in general. No complaints from me personally, but it's not like I wasn't impacted by the general crappiness. Some of the things, heck MOST of them, don't come to mind on a daily basis for me or most people probably. Still, this decade sucked.

On a lighter note, I now have 18 kills in Basra, though the rat holes have continued to emerge even though I fill them in after each kill. Filling in the holes will tell me where the rat was living and which holes are still active. Yes, I devote wayyyy to much time to this, but they haven't come back into our yard, so I must be doing some good. No troops were available at Fort Dix (translation: Menard's was sold out of T-Rex). Reinforcements are needed and will hopefully arrive soon.

One last topic: Games!

Do you remember the TV show? Very fun. "Big money and noooooooooo Whammies!!!" Can't imagine what this version is like.

And then there was this game. It was out at Yorktown mall in a toy store. It's called "Don't Drop The Soap" and is about going to prison. Yep, it's true. I can't make this shit up.


Bee said...

...and the game was created by the son of the governor of Kansas...go figure...

el supremo de nm said...

That game is totally weird.

alexis said...

but it it is also totally awesome!