Wednesday, November 04, 2009


First, there are two fewer rats on the planet after last night. That's five in two nights. Like 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, it's a good start.

The Bears have many deficiencies this season and the game against the hapless Browns did nothing to alleviate concerns. This year, the Bears did not have a first round draft pick and they traded out of their second round pick for more picks later in the draft. Let's examine those picks:

Rnd 3 Jarron Gilbert, DE. Hasn't done squat or seen the field on defense. He's on the roster, but no one is sure why.

Rnd 3 Juaquin Iglesias, WR. Hasn't seen the field on offense. Seems like a bust if you can't break into the starting lineup with this weak receiving corp.

Rnd 4 Henry Milton, DE. On injured reserve, but didn't do anything worth talking about prior to his injury.

Rnd 4 DJ Moore, CB. Yet another player on the Bears from that great football powerhouse, Vanderbilt. Like those before him, hasn't seen the field on defense with virtually no competition to beat out.

Rnd 5 Johnny Knox, WR. Got the pick as part of the Cutler trade. He's been a great find in the 5th round.

Rnd 5 Marcus Freeman, LB. Not in all.

Rnd 6 Al Afalava, FS. A huge find for the 6th round. Starts and plays the run well.

Neither 7th round pick has seen the field and one was cut.

So why the analysis at this point? Next year the Bears again do not have a first or second round draft pick, however theyalso don't have the extra picks that they had this year (in the 3rd, 4th and 5th). How are the Bears going to fill all the holes they have if they continue to draft like they did above? You're not likely to find an impact defensive lineman or a lock down corner if you're not picking until the third round. Maybe you can find a solid offensive lineman that will be an upgrade, but that's questionable too. Can you find another Johnny Knox? Maybe, but that's banking on a hope and a prayer.

The Bears have a lot of holes and not much chance of filling them through the draft. Trading hasn't been successful for them either: Omiyale just got benched for the starter from last year and Orlando Pace gets beat by everyone not shaped like an elephant. Cutler is certainly an upgrade and would be even better if he had anyone to whom he could throw.

So 2 out of 8 draft picks are decent players (values based on where they were picked) and the two trades which weren't a can't miss (Cutler was a can't miss) both missed. That makes it tough to plug holes and get better.


alexis said...

no comments on the world series??

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Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Thanks for that commentary Ken!

Yeah, I wasn't all that excited about the World Series. Philly won it last year and NY is the evil empire. The only thing intriguing for me was that there was a chance that a player from the Phillies, Utley, could have been named the MVP and be on the losing team!! It's only happened a few times in sports but was likely until last night.