Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching up on pictures

I guess this isn't catching up, but look what walked across the first hole at Glencoe Golf Club today. If you can't see it, blow up the picture. It's a deer. He walked right across the green (that picture didn't turn out as well) and was probably within 15 yards of me as he decided to head down the second hole. Later, I think I heard him scraping against a tree. And Naperville Greg goes to Wisconsin to hunt deer!

Here's most of the crew at the tailgate this weekend against the Cardinals. Bill the Bear is in the middle of the picture with the beard. Andy "sausage" is next to him in the Tillman jersey. The two guys right of Bill are Nick (a coworker of Bill) and Nick's brother. Suburban Sean and his crew are in the left side of the picture. What a gorgeous day for a game! Too bad we got crushed.

Bill had not been to the new stadium or to a Bears game since he was a kid. He was supposed to join me last year when I had my Meniere's attack but I had not given him his ticket in advance so he couldn't go. This year I gave him first pick of games and he chose the Packers game. Unfortunately, that will be post surgery, so I gave him the option to switch to another game and he did. It worked out well because LL couldn't make this game due to a baptism.

The Friday before Halloween, LL and I got tickets to see the Blackhawks play. They beat the Montreal Canadians 3-2 in an exciting game.

Lots of people were in costume, including the chicks that skate around during stoppages in the game and clean up the ice. Here's their pick with some guy.

Look at this dude!! Holy crap. The grim reaper with a hockey stick. Yikes. He's like 7' to 8' tall!

By the way, one more rat killed by T-Rex in Basra. That's 11 now. Making progress!!

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terri said...

I think the deer are getting tamer. I can't believe one walked across a green while there were people there! My daughter and I saw a couple of them romping in the grass right on the side of a fairly busy highway. It was really fun to see them, clearly just playing with each other.