Monday, November 23, 2009

Where does the time go??

Last week was busy which ended with jury duty on Friday. Fortunately I only had to be there for a half a day as six cases were settled prior to going to trial. Apparently many cases are settled when both sides are finally faced with a judge and a jury pool.

After cooking bay scallops and pork chops for myself and LL Friday night, it was go, go, go for the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning brought a trip out to Naperville for a family photo by a professional photographer. Always good to get together with the family, even though I'll be seeing them on Thursday.

Saturday night was a party at LL's prior boss' house on Ashland....that's right, a house on Ashland. Very nice place and the host, also named Laura, was very pleasant. She had a friend doing most of the cooking and it was quite the spread. Much to my surprise, the first dish out was bacon wrapped dates!! You know how I love things wrapped in bacon.

Sunday morning was church followed by grocery shopping for the tailgate for the Bears game at night. With just enough time to cook the chili, change clothes and load the car, we headed to the game around four. We had a good tailgate, which might be the last one I throw this year, pending how Joisey Ken feels about packing and setting everything up with my limited, one-armed help (plus depending on the temperature for that late December game).

Next thing you know, it's Monday morning and I'm cleaning up from the night before. Where did the weekend go?


alexis said...

omg, last tail of the year!!

terri said...

The weekends always go too fast. At least you made the most of yours.

Joisey Ken said...

I will set up while you shout directions and point with your one free arm....Oh yeah, I forgot about the beer! ;-)