Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Make your own luck

It's a phrase people know and hear at least once: you make your luck. But people often complain about how unlucky they are or how things don't go their way. So if you can make your own luck, why are some people unlucky?

"90% of life is just showing up." Commonly attributed to Woody Allen. One way to make your own luck, is to JUST SHOW UP. Do something at least. Make an effort! If you work hard and put yourself in the position to be successful, guess what? You might just end up being successful. But it's not guaranteed unfortunately. One thing is almost assuredly guaranteed though: if you don't put yourself in the situation to succeed, you won't.

Changing topics; Starbucks has decided to increase their prices. Oh, the recession MUST be over. Why else would a company pass along an over 5% price increase on a product that's 99% water and can be made at home? I, for one, am glad to see the recession end. I mean, it has to have ended right? Housing foreclosures doubled the number of foreclosures in the 3rd quarter last year? Unemployment has topped 10%? Oh.....maybe Starbucks is a dumb-ass insensitive company. With sales of over $10B, if we say half of that had a price increase, then they just increased revenues by $265M. Wow.

Lastly, how would you like to buy a 127 plot of land with a building covering half of that property and is located near a major city? How about if I told you that you could buy it for the cost of a house in some areas, $583,000? Now what if I told you that the building on the property cost $55 million to build in 1975 dollars? Sounds like a sweet deal huh? Well, it's true and it just sold. The Pontiac Silverdome was sold to a Canadian company for about 1/100th of the cost to build it. The catch of course is the $1.5 million in annual upkeep. Still, seems like a steal for a 80,000 seat stadium where the biggest indoor crowd ever saw Hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant in a wrestling match.

Starbucks could have bought the Silverdome and paid for the repairs for the next 175 years based just on their 5.3% increase. Again, wow.

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alexis said...

lol, like this will stop your 2-cup a day habit!